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Essential Knives

the rack of a budding fetishist

Ok, so I have a little bit of a thing for cooking tools, which is only moderated by my utter lack of storage space.  The picture on the left is my current collection of knives.  In my defense, I’ve collected these knives slowly over the years, and believe it or not, I actually do make regular use out of all them.  However, you can get really far in the kitchen with just the 3 knives pictured below – a chef’s knife, a bread knife, and a paring knife.  As you can see from my small collection, there are a lot of choices when it comes to knives and there is a specialized knife to match pretty much any task you can think of, but these three are my recommendations for a starter kit. Read the rest of this entry »


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Welcome Aboard!

Welcome fellow professionals, cooks and the just plain curious!

For the past ten years, I have been challenged to find a way to balance a busy corporate law practice with my love of cooking and the very basic need to feed myself and to feed myself well.  Of course, the easiest solution – and one every office professional is probably familiar with – is to open up a new window on the computer, click on the Seamless link, and order up a meal from whichever restaurant is showing the fastest delivery time.  Now, don’t’ get me wrong, I think the service that Seamless provides is brilliant, but the problem is that take-out food is just never as delicious as home-cooked and very rarely as nutritional.  Add to that the tendency to over-order and, therefore, overeat, and it’s really not a good every-day solution to the problem.

I love to cook as a cathartic and creative outlet so to my mind, the best solution is simply to cook your own food.  Over the years, I’ve tried different strategies for cooking my own meals and still working erratic hours.  Along the way, I’ve learned a few things and created a few recipes that I would like to share with similarly situated professionals who love food, want to eat good food, but can’t figure out how to fit it all in.  Therein lies the goal of this blog – to share with and, hopefully, learn from other desk warriors by day and cooks by night.

Now, in the interest of upfront and full disclosure, I should tell you that this is not a site for dumbed-down 5 ingredients or less type recipes. Cooking takes effort and time. What this blog will cover is how to plan your time and effort to produce good quality and good tasting meals efficiently.

I hope that you will find this blog helpful and that you will comment profusely (but politely!)


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